Starting in March, The Bakery Cos., formerly known as The Bun Cos., is rebranding itself as Crown Bakeries. It’s not that there was anything wrong with its previous straightforward nomenclatures. Rather, Cordia Harrington, chief executive officer, suggested that the new depiction of the crown reflects a cohesive image that impacts almost every facet of the fast-moving operation, and it has a nice bakery reference, as well.


“The crown of the bun is the top,” she said. “It’s the part you see when you look at a burger or a sandwich. When you take that first bite, you know that the quality is there.”

Throughout history, the crown has been a powerful symbol. For the Nashville, Tenn.-based producer of frozen and fresh specialty baked foods, the rebranding reflects the company’s commitment to treating every customer like royalty, noted Yianny Caparos, president of Crown Bakeries. Currently, the company operates six bakeries in Tennessee, Georgia and South Dakota. The new name demonstrates how the entire production team operates under one umbrella. The fast-growing business has gone through a number of changes that are outlined in Baking & Snack’s February issue.

Arbor Investments is now a key player working with the bakery’s management team to help create one of the nation’s largest specialty baking companies and the leading breakfast provider across all food industry channels. Despite the pandemic, the company made two strategic acquisitions last year and opened a new bakery in Nashville that’s also featured in Baking & Snack. Expect more growth to come. And check out the rebranding when it goes live starting on March 1 at