ROBESONIA, PA. — With three new sessions, Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) will continue its Virtual Snack Seminar Series in 2021.Through these sessions, RBS aims to educate the industry and help bakers and snack manufacturers improve their processes.

“With travel and in‐person industry events still on‐hold, the need and demand for virtual customer support, engagement and education continues to grow. We are pleased to continue serving the snack food industry by offering technical expertise from key members of the RBS team,” said Shawn Moye, vice president of sales, RBS. “The RBS Virtual Snack Seminar Series was invaluable in 2020, and RBS has expanded the offering in 2021. Our goal is to keep our customers current on industry trends, and new technology developments to help improve their operations.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Jim Warren, vice president of Exact Mixing, will host “Improve Your Cookie Process with Continuous Mixing.” The online seminar will introduce cookie manufacturers to the latest technology and advantages of continuous cookie dough production. The session will begin at 11a.m. EST.

“You’ve heard people talk about continuous mixing. You’ve seen these mixers at trade shows and on the internet,” Mr. Warren said. “But how can this exciting technology help you? In this webinar, you’ll be able to learn how continuous mixing is now benefitting cookie producers.”

“Solve Side-to-Side Variation in your Baking Process” will be hosted by Nicholas Bossler, technical service manager, Reading Thermal, on March 23 at 11 a.m. EST. The session will acknowledge the difficulties in maintaining consistency in products due to product level temperature and airflow. Attendees will learn how SCORPION 2 can help bakers control time and temperature dependent factors of the production process.

The third installment of the three-part series will occur on April 27th at 11 a.m. EST. “Better Baking Begins Here: Snack Oven Theory, Setup & Execution” will be hosted by Ken Zvoncheck, director of process technology, RBS. The seminar will overview the fundamentals of tunnel ovens for optimum productivity and quality for baked snack manufacturers. Mr. Zvoncheck will cover heat flux, oven belt product loading, conduction heat balance and more.

All seminars will be recorded for on-demand viewing for attendees who have registered here.