The Vemag Pizza Dough Divider from Reiser features a double-screw portioning system for accurate scaling with minimal work on the product. For frozen pizza dough producers, the company provides traditional dividing and rounding. On high-speed lines, Reiser has developed methods to portion directly onto trays. For fresh producers, the dividing applications run from a compact Vemag 500 with a cut-off device that produces 60-80 portions/minute.

“Recent advances in both the infeed system and the double-screws allow the Vemag to produce exact-weight portions with even less work on the product,” said John McIsaac, vice president, strategic business development, Reiser. “Less vacuum and less mechanical force is required to pump and portion the dough. Producers can now easily and accurately scale an entire line of the highest quality pizza dough.”

The Vemag produces portions at 1% standard deviation. Customers can rely on the high-speed Vemag for consistent production, weight and quality.

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