ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — Barry Callebaut has announced that Carma Chocolate is its first brand to produce chocolate with 100% sustainable ingredients.

Carma goes beyond cocoa to sourcing the most sustainable ingredients at every step of the process. Every ingredient in Carma couvertures — cocoa, dairy, sugar and vanilla — is sustainable. The brand looks to balance sustainability with reliability and consistency in taste profile and color, which is a critical part of the uniquely Swiss chocolate crafting process, according to Barry Callebaut.

The challenges that the chocolate supply chain face every day include ending forced labor, impeding deforestation, environmental issues, helping farmers to prosper and ensuring that ingredients used are fully sustainable and traceable. That also means that each chocolate ingredient also faces its own sustainability challenges and a constantly growing global population presents even tougher obstacles to sourcing these ingredients.

Carma, established in 1931, has been consistently contributing to the evolution of Swiss chocolate-making craft. It was the first Gourmet chocolate brand in Switzerland to certify cocoa with the UTZ program. Available in select countries, Carma offers a wide range of exceptional couvertures with carefully selected ingredients, available in six natural shades.