To help bakers meet consumer demand for more protein and fiber, AB Mauri North America expanded its Burgen product portfolio to include Burgen Complete Protein Mix. This high-protein mix enables industrial and artisan bakers to create breads that provide high protein and fiber, no added sugar, low net carbohydrates, clean label preservation, emulsifier replacement and oxidation.

“Our new Burgen Complete Protein Bread Mix not only delivers great tasting breads, buns and rolls, but it also addresses the growing trends consumers care about,” said Kyle Christensen, vice president, product management, AB Mauri North America. “This new mix satisfies the demand in the marketplace for higher fiber and protein-rich products without sacrificing quality or taste. We’re extremely happy with the outcome, and we’re confident this supplies a reliable, turnkey solution for industrial and artisanal bakers.”

The Burgen portfolio was launched in 2017 to provide bakers with mixes that resulted in breads, buns and rolls made with ancient, whole and mixed grains as well as seeds and fruits. The Complete Protein Mix only requires yeast, water, oil and vinegar.

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