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Innovation may have been on hold for the first part of 2020 as bakery manufacturers pivoted to keep retail shelves stocked with staples. But innovation has ramped up and shows no signs of slowing, according to Kaitlin Kamp, consumer insights analyst, Mintel. In fact, if baking companies want to keep that newfound consumer attention, new products will be key.

“It’s a good reason to invest in innovation that keeps consumers’ attention and fits into their new lifestyles outside of the pandemic,” she said. “Products will need to be more convenient and portable. These two attributes haven’t been as important in the past year, but they will be as consumers go back to work and back to school and baked goods will need to fit into smaller occasions and tighter schedules.”

Ms. Kamp noted healthy trends are evolving and becoming more nuanced and flavor innovation will be here for the long haul. And consumers who picked up a baking hobby will be looking for ways to indulge without having to spend too much time dirtying up the kitchen.

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to hear how bakers can hold onto consumer dollars even as they return to a more on-the-go lifestyle.

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