LOS ANGELES — The Urgent Co., the consumer products subsidiary of food technology company Perfect Day, is launching a cake mix formulated with animal-free milk protein. Brave Robot Climate Hero Super Cake mix is available online at braverobot.co.

Packaged in a compostable bag, the shelf-stable mix may be combined with water and oil to make various baking recipes, including yellow cake, whoopie pies, carrot cake, coffee cake, brownies and more. Each 17.5-oz bag yields two 8-inch round cakes and retails for $18 (or $36 for three bags).

The Brave Robot brand debuted last year with the launch of ice cream incorporating Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein. The company sold more than a million pints in its first year, according to the Urgent Co. Animal-free protein produced by Perfect Day generates at least 85% and up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional production methods, according to a recent lifecycle assessment.

“We’re thrilled to provide more indulgent dessert options that are not just exceptional in flavor and texture, but also kinder to the Earth,” said August Vega, president of Brave Robot. “No one should have to compromise their values to indulge in a delicious treat.”