KANSAS CITY — Company collaborations and flavor mashups are adding flair to many new dessert and sweet snack launches. TBH (To Be Honest) and Toto Foods partnered to debut a vegan and gluten-free chocolate hazelnut cookie, while Renewal Mill and Miyoko’s Creamery did the same with an upcycled salted peanut butter cookie. Other new cookie launches include Kodiak’s crispy cookies, Birch Benders’ keto cookies and four new Keebler cookies.  

B&G Foods is debuting a spread featuring General Mills’ Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and J&J Foods is launching a sandwich cookie filled with Icee-flavored crème. BBU’s Little Bites is re-releasing their S’mores flavored mini muffins and Kit Kat is adding a blueberry muffin flavor to its classic wafer product line.

Hostess is expanding its Cr!spy Minis line with a mint chocolate flavor and introducing Bouncers to its on-the-go sweet snacks. Café Valley has added three Bundt cakes to its dessert options and Little Debbie introduced its classic Zebra Cake in donut form.

Some product launches are focusing on expanding options for consumers with dietary restrictions, including keto chocolate drops from BeHonest and vegan caramels from Cocomels.