Rondo’s MIDOS industrial dough band former can handle all types of dough, producing a homogeneous dough band with uniform thickness and width, thus laying the foundation to produce baked goods with precise weight tolerances. MIDOS can process dough with high-water content and long resting time without dusting flour and process oil.

“MIDOS is designed to process, without the use of flour or oil, any type of dough ensuring defined dough structure control and dough band homogeneity for precise weight accuracy,” said Andrea Scalzeri, R&D engineer, Rondo. “In addition, MIDOS distinguishes itself by its ease of use and excellent cleaning and hygiene characteristics.”

Due to the unique arrangement of the rollers, MIDOS influences and controls the pore structure of the dough. In addition, it has a modern hygienic design with all parts and components easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

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