TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Specialty minerals company ICL Group Ltd. will become General Mills, Inc.’s specialty phosphate solutions supplier as part of a strategic partnership agreement between the two companies.

Initially, ICL will focus on supplying General Mills’ North American operations beginning in June 2023, with potential to expand into the manufacturer’s international segments.

“We’re pleased General Mills appreciates our efforts and is also dedicated to providing best-in-class products to their customers,” said Phil Brown, president of ICL Phosphate Specialties and managing director of North America for ICL. “Our focus is always on the customer and on delivering best-in-class product, quality and service. We’re looking forward to working with their R&D team to find new ways to support their product development and are excited to turn to our global innovation team for support.”

Amid supply chain disruptions that continue to “remain well above historical averages,” the long-term agreement is part of General Mills’ strategy to develop partnerships with key suppliers, said Sebastiao Pinho, global source director for General Mills.