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KANSAS CITY — As bakery production and supply evolves, food safety and sanitation should be top of mind for industrial bakers. Changes in the environment and emerging bacteria, toxins and antibiotic resistance make it crucial to keep updated with regulations from the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Season 13 of Since Sliced Bread, premiering Feb. 1, updates wholesale bakers on the latest in food safety. Charlotte Atchley, host of Since Sliced Bread and editor of Baking & Snack, speaks with guests from AIB International, Manhattan, Kan.; CraftMark Bakery, Indianapolis, Ind.; and American Bakers Association to discuss the hazards of poor food safety and best practices for avoiding any confusion.

“The industry has experienced accelerated change in just over the past 10 years with the adoption of the Food Safety Modernization Act and recent changes with the FASTER Act,” Ms. Atchley said. “With these conversations with experts we hope to equip baking companies with the tools and knowledge they need to implement an effective food safety program and build up their food safety culture.”

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