Heat and Control’s FastBack 4.0 horizontal motion conveyor’s patented circular to linear motion design gently handles product so it stays undamaged. In addition, coatings are undisturbed to provide ultimate performance and flexibility, with the highest travel rates and flow rate capacity in the industry, according to the company. The circular to linear drive efficiency converts rotational motion into pure horizontal motion while also supporting the vertical weight of the pan.

“We believe the FastBack 4.0 will set new benchmarks,” said Blake Svejkovsky, general manager, product handling systems, Heat and Control. “Regardless if we were comparing against vibratory or other horizontal motion conveyors, we wanted FastBack 4.0 to set a whole new standard.”

The streamlined, robust design offers higher capacity, cleans easily, runs quietly and reverses instantly with 70% fewer moving parts. No pinch points or moving arms need covering or protecting, creating a safer environment.

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