RENO, NEV. — Michael Finete has been named chief executive officer of Mary’s Gone Crackers. He succeeds Taki Fujii, who will remain as chairman of the board as the company transitions in a new era of leadership.

Mr. Finete most recently was a partner at Santo Amaro Foods for the past 10 months. Earlier, he was president and CEO at SupHerb Farms. Prior to SupHerb he was general manager at Sensient Natural Ingredients LLC and general manager at Santo Amaro Foods. He also has worked in a variety of sales and management positions at General Mills, Inc. and HJ Heinz.

He received a bachelor’s degree in management science at UC San Diego and a master’s degree in international marketing at the University of San Diego.

“We are delighted to invite Finete as our new chief executive officer,” Mr. Fujii said. “Finete embodies dynamism, unwavering value and a rich history of experiences, complemented by an outstanding track record of success. We are confident that Finete will become an indispensable member of our team as demand grows for consumers across the globe. The board looks forward to the fresh new perspective he brings to the table as we innovate in production, remain true to our core beliefs of sustainability and health and ensure long-term success.”