With its precise temperature curve and three combinations of heat transfer modes, Mecatherm’s M-DAN oven offers the flexibility required to meet the demand for a variety of products, including delicate pastries. The oven’s modular construction offers compact and independent heating zones so that the user can make precise adjustments to heat flows (by convection and/or radiation), heating intensity and airspeed to achieve the desired baking results.

“With our new M-DAN oven, we meet the needs of industrial users in search of a reactive, precise, efficient and high-performance oven for baking their delicate pastry items,” said Xavier Gotti, oven product manager, Mecatherm. “It meets the challenges of flexibility and energy efficiency while being particularly easy to operate and clean. Its high level of cleanliness is undoubtedly a major asset, achieving compliance with the strictest sanitary standards without wasting time on tedious cleaning operations.” 

The M-DAN oven is compatible with the company’s M-Care digital solution, an application for predictive maintenance that prevents failures, avoids costly breakdowns, optimizes installation availability rates and improves production line performance.

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