OMAHA — The Scoular Co. plans to partner with the Union Pacific Railroad to build a new shuttle train-loading grain-handling facility at a greenfield site near Willis, Kas. Construction of the grain-handling facility is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2012.

“We’ve done extensive research and planning to find the right location for this project,” said Bob Ludington, chief operating officer for Scoular. “We’re pleased to have selected Willis given the combination of the area’s substantial crop production and our strong working relationship with Union Pacific.”

When complete, the facility will feature high-speed truck unloading and grain drying capacity, and will accommodate a loop track for up to 120 rail cars as well as Union Pacific shuttle loading/unloading capability for grains and fertilizer.

“Scoular’s new facility fits perfectly into our franchise, will stimulate the local economy, and bring national and world markets within reach,” said Paul Hammes, vice-president and general manager of agricultural products for Union Pacific. “We are very excited about the increased grain origination and corresponding outbound traffic this site affords, as well as the future opportunity to handle inbound unit trains of fertilizer via Union Pacific's GroTrain service.”

The facility will be Scoular’s sixth shuttle train loader in Kansas and adds to the company’s North American network of more than 60 grain-handling facilities.