PARMA, ITALY — Barilla on Oct. 8 opened a pasta sauce production facility in Rubbiano di Solignano, near Parma, investing more than €40 million in its core business.

Barilla said the new facility marks an important strategic step: after 40 years in which its sauces were produced with external partners, a plant dedicated to the principal accompaniment to pasta “underlines the company’s desire to concentrate on its core business.”

“Barilla wants to focus its resources on the growth of the Italian pasta dish throughout the world and of its branded bakery products in Italy and Europe,” the company said.

The facility, which at full capacity will employ 120 people, produces 35,000 tons of sauces per year and has the potential production capacity of 60,000 tons. The tomatoes and basil, the main raw materials used for the sauces, are 100% Italian, Barilla said.

“The Rubbiano sauces plant is an example of an investment in quality in Italy with an international outlook,” said Guido Barilla, chairman of Barilla Group. “While on the one hand, the ingredients, the recipes and the technology are Italian, the goal is to grow on foreign markets, taking the authentic Italian cuisine all over the world.”

The facility will produce 150 of tomato-based sauces and 50 tons of pesto-based sauces. The plant will produce 24 different Barilla recipes.

“This factory stands at the forefront of design and technology,” Mr. Barilla said. “We are very proud of this result and would like to thank all the people for the hard work that has made today’s opening ceremony possible.”