ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — EBITA within the Food North America division at Aryzta A.G. increased 8% to €190,286,000 (€257,313,000) in the year ended July 31, up from €176,291,000 in the same period of fiscal 2012. Revenue in the division rose 6% to €1,459.8 million ($1,974.2 million).

Arzyta said EBITA benefitted from positive underlying revenue growth and further margin expansion.

“Underlying organic growth in North America was strong, reflecting progress on deepening customer relationships and increased availability of a broader range of products to North American customers,” the company said. “The performance also benefitted from stronger consumer spending trends in North America compared to Europe.”

Total Food Group EBITA totaled €406,695,000 ($550,063,000) in fiscal 2013, up 8.5% from €374,826,000 in fiscal 2012. Sales rose 8% during the year to €3,085.5 million ($4,173 million).

“Revenue growth and margin expansion performance was robust in FY 2013, given the level of change management achieved across the business,” said Owen Killian, chief executive officer. “Underlying revenue growth remained positive, and the improved diversification of our channel mix should improve the sustainability of this growth.

“FY 2013 marks five years since the creation of Aryzta AG, with Food Group revenue growth of 89% to €3.1 billion, Food EBITA growth of 134% to €407 million and consolidated underlying fully diluted e.p.s. growth of 78%, achieved in a period challenged by prolonged consumer recession and highly volatile food inflation. Aryzta has emerged financially strong and poised for growth as it completes the final year of transformation into a customer centric group, focused on consumer trends and individual customer requirements.”