While twist ties and clips still hold preference in the minds and hearts of bakers, there is growing interest in tamper-evident features. Ties and clips don’t offer an ideal way to monitor whether a product has been opened and reclosed before purchase.

Burford offers a tamper-evident closure that provides a complete seal with a consistently flat bag tail, but Mitch Lindsey, Burford Corp., said it isn’t a widespread need yet.

“There is growing interest in the States,” he said. “The difference, of course, is in the methods of opening and closing. The consumer preference is still the twist tie, but availability of tamper-evident closures is certainly growing and something they’re looking at more. Consumers want to see if a package has been messed with or if anything has been taken out of the bag.”

The difficult part of providing complete proof of tampering with bags comes with the material itself.

“Tamper evidence and tamper proof issues are difficult to control as any bagged product cannot protect against injection or insertion of a foreign material through the film directly into the product,” said Hal Miller, Kwik Lok.