HAMBURG, GERMANY – LeciStar S 200 and LeciStar S 300, two new sunflower lecithins, are equivalent to identity-preserved soy lecithin in color and flavor, according to Hamburg-based Sternchemie.

Both sunflower lecithins are suitable for products that are sensitive in terms of odor and taste, like white chocolate and milk powder. LeciStar S 200 has a light color and a mild, slightly nutty sunflower taste. LeciStar S 300 is light in color and has an almost neutral smell and flavor.

Demand for sunflower lecithin as an alternative to identity-preserved soy lecithin has grown as the increasing amount of bioengineered soybeans has created uncertainty in supplies of identity-preserved soy lecithin, according to Sternchemie

Unlike soy lecithin, raw lecithin from sunflower seeds contains other substances that may affect quality, according to Sternchemie. The company has used a process to refine the raw lecithin to a greater degree than is standard.