PORTLAND, ORE. — Erysweet erythritol, a new non-bioengineered ingredient, is only 0.2 calories per gram and 70% as sweet as sugar, which is 4 calories per gram, according to Portland-based Steviva Ingredients.

“Erysweet is unique in that it is sourced from Europe, which provides quality, consistency and flow not always found with erythritol sourced from other geographic areas,” said Thom King, president of Steviva Ingredients.

A polyol, Erysweet has been shown to achieve up to 90% sugar reduction in sweet baked goods. Other potential applications include bars, shakes, desserts, low-viscosity sauces, dressings, jams, jellies, fillings, icings and beverages.

Erysweet may be used with other sweeteners and has been shown to mask bitter flavors associated with high-intensity sweeteners. Erysweet has a clean, slightly cooling, smooth flavor, according to Steviva Ingredients.