WASHINGTON -- Scott Barth, president of Barth Packaging, Coplay, Pa., has been elected chairman of the Independent Bakers Association. Mr. Barth succeeded Ron Cardey, of Omaha. The transition took place during the 41st annual convention of the I.B.A., June 15-16 in Washington.

Elected first vice-chairman of I.B.A. was Connie Vaughan, government relations manager of McKee Foods Corp., Chattanooga, Tenn. Brian Stevenson, business development director, bakery, for Kerry Ingredients, Kansas City, was elected second vice-chairman/secretary.

The annual meeting concluded with a BakePAC dinner held at the Monocle Restaurant on Capitol Hill. The group met against a backdrop of anticipation, regarding the Food and Drug Administration final rule banning partially hydrogenated oils in food. The group was conducting a panel discussion on the topic when the F.D.A. released its rules.

While disappointed by the methodology underpinning the administration’s decision, Mr. Barth said the group was glad for the three-year phase-out period.