KANSAS CITY — Gluten-free products remain a popular category for innovation among the grain-based foods industry.

Pizza lovers now have even more gluten-free versions of the popular pie to pick from. Smart Flour Foods is adding three new gluten-free pizza varieties to its lineup: chicken sausage pizza, Tuscan Inspired Uncured Two Meat pizza, and Sundried Tomato Escarole pizza. The pizza crusts are made with a blend of sorghum, amaranth and teff. The cheese is free of rGBH, and the meats contain no antibiotics, nitrites or nitrates.

Consumers with a sweet tooth who are skirting the substance may now look to Boulder Brands for a gluten-free fix. Gluten-free animal crackers have joined Glutino’s snack line. Available in Graham and Original varieties, the crackers are made with tapioca, rice, and potato flour.

To fill the fissure of bread in those living a gluten-free lifestyle, BFree Foods is introducing its new line of gluten-free bread loaves, wraps, rolls, and bagels. These low-fat products feature non-bioengineered ingredients like peas, apples, potatoes, buckwheat and corn flour and are completely vegan. BFree’s gluten-free bread line contains no wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy.

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