Linda Pizzey, Pizzey Ingredients
Linda Pizzey, president and c.e.o., said the expansion will enable the company to heat treat all its flaxseed.

RUSSELL, MAN. – An expansion of a Pizzey Ingredients’ flaxseed processing facility in Russell, Man., includes an extension of the company’s heat treatment capability. Currently, PurFlax branded products from Pizzey Ingredients undergo targeted heat treatment to provide microbial reduction while protecting flaxseeds’ natural stability, nutrition and function. Once the expansion is commissioned in the second quarter of 2016, all flaxseed produced by the company for both human and animal consumption will undergo a heat treatment step.

“While flaxseed itself does not present an inherent food safety risk, like any raw, natural product it can potentially become contaminated in the supply chain,” said Linda Pizzey, president and chief executive officer. “The expansion of our facility, which will enable us to heat treat all of our flaxseed, is a pre-emptive step that underscores Pizzey Ingredients’ dedication to producing the highest quality, safest flaxseed available on the market.”