Pepperidge Farm cheese breads
Pepperidge Farm has released a new line of "cheese breads."

NORWALK, CONN. — Pepperidge Farm, Inc. has introduced a line of “cheese breads” in three varieties: cheddar potato bread, 3 cheese Italian bread and Asiago cheese bread.

Images of the bread line were unveiled on Facebook in early November with the tagline, “What makes bread better? The taste of cheese in every bite, that’s what!”

Loaves were spotted on supermarket shelves as early as mid-October at a Giant Eagle store, a chain with locations in Maryland and various Ohio valley states. More recently, the new Pepperidge cheese line has been stocked in Kansas City area supermarkets.

Kristin Cagney, Pepperidge Farms
Kristin Cagney, senior specialist, communications at Pepperidge

“The cheese bread line allows consumers to elevate their everyday sandwiches with restaurant-inspired cheese flavors,” Kristin Cagney, senior specialist, communications at Pepperidge told Milling & Baking News. “The target is a consumer who is looking to make their ordinary sandwich extraordinary from the convenience of their own home.”

Ms. Cagney said the line was first introduced in mid-September in the Midwest/Great Lakes region. She did not detail in which markets it currently is offered.

The hearth-style bread is sold in a 14-oz half loaf and was priced at $3.99 per loaf in Kansas City. Each slice of the cheddar, for example, contains 120 calories, 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 270 milligrams of sodium and 3 grams of sugar.

Ms. Cagney said promotions associated with the launch of the new Pepperidge cheese bread line have varied by retailer.

Earlier this year, executives of Pepperidge Farm, a division of Campbell Soup Co., said new bread, buns and roll varieties were planned for the Pepperidge Farmhouse banner. The cheese bread is not sold under the Farmhouse banner.

With the swirl of cheese baked into the bread, Pepperidge appears to be moving to parlay its successful Swirl bread line of cinnamon raisin and other sweet breakfast bread choices into the savory market. In the past, Pepperidge has credited innovation in its Swirl line with helping attract younger families to the Pepperidge brand.

“We will continue to leverage our baking and flavor credentials to grow the business,” Irene Chang Britt, the former president of Pepperidge, said in August 2014.