Lesaffre acquisitions
LFI Tollblend Ltd. makes ingredient mixes while Tecno Bakery makes enzyme-based improvers.

MARCQ-EN-BAROEUL, FRANCE — Lesaffre recently made two acquisitions as part of its expansion strategy in sourdoughs and baking ingredients in Western Europe.

The first acquisition was LFI Tollblend Ltd., based in Worcester, United Kingdom, and a producer of ingredient mixes for the baking and processed foods sector. The company employs 35 and has gluten-free production capability.

Mike Abraham, Lesaffre
Mike Abraham, general manager of Lesaffre U.K. and Ireland

“Lesaffre is already present in the United Kingdom through DCL Yeast and Fermex and can now look forward to widening its bakery offering,” said Mike Abraham, general manager of Lesaffre U.K. and Ireland.

The second acquisition, Tecno Bakery S.L., is based in Barcelona, Spain, and specializes in producing enzyme-based improvers and correctors for flour milling. The company employs 15, and it has a manufacturing unit and laboratory. Lesaffre already operates a yeast plant in Valladolid, Spain, that employs 120.

Antoine Baule, Lesaffre
Antoine Baule, c.e.o. of Lesaffre
“Lesaffre welcomes these acquisitions in two countries, United Kingdom and Spain, where we have been present for many years,” said Antoine Baule, chief executive officer of Lesaffre, Marcq-en-Baroeul. “Those are entirely in line with our strategic development objectives in the baking industry and will enable us to expand and strengthen our offer to our customers in terms of improvers and technical assistance for baking.”