The bite-size pastry snacks feature a cinnamon sugar topping.

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — J&J Snack Foods Corp., in partnership with General Mills, Inc., has introduced Pillsbury Churro Bites. Described by J&J Snack Foods as “the perfect versatile dessert for any time of day,” Churro Bites are pastry snacks featuring a cinnamon sugar topping.

The bite-size snacks are available in 8-oz retail packages containing 20 bites, as well as 1.425-lb club packs.

“Pillsbury Churro Bites are a fun, innovative and exciting snack to add to the J&J Snack Foods portfolio,” said Alissa Davis, vice-president of marketing for J&J Snack Foods. “The product is convenient, shareable and enjoyable for all. They are ready in minutes, giving a warm and delicious flavor to every bite.”

Pillsbury Churro Bites are available nationwide at retail and club stores.

In addition to Pillsbury Churro Bites, J&J Snack Foods offers Oreo Churros and Pillsbury Mini Pies.