SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff, IOI Loders Croklaan

CHANNAHON, ILL. — IOI Loders Croklaan has made available SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff, a new lamination shortening designed specifically for puff pastry applications. The company uses palm oil to create the non-hydrogenated shortening that is free of partially hydrogenated oils.

“The shortening has been uniquely formulated and processed to strike a textural balance that delivers maximum functionality and allows for artisanal creativity,” said Linsen Liu, Ph.D., vice-president of research and development for IOI Loders Croklaan, which has a North American office in Channahon. “We encourage our customers and those interested in trying the product to visit our creative studio to receive hands-on training on how to best use this new innovation.”

SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff provides melt-in-your-mouth texture and a clean ingredient statement, according to IOI Loders Croklaan. Other benefits include resistance to tearing and expansion qualities when baking.