Make sure to ask the right questions when choosing a cold storage facility.
Before selecting a cold-storage company, bakers should inquire about the operation’s inbound and outbound procedures, turn times, food safety audits, inventory transparency, warehouse management system and the customer service to expect.

“We highly recommend visiting the facility you are thinking of using for storage,” suggested Tony Kucharski, president, McCook Cold Storage. “A cold storage company can have a pretty website with pictures of its clean, modern warehouse. Those could have been taken years ago. When you visit the facility, you can see how operations are run and if the facility maintains a safe and clean warehouse. You can then meet the staff and get your questions answered directly.”

Another suggestion, he added, involves speaking with local truck drivers to validate how the operation works. From the outset, make sure the cold storage company understands all expectations. “Everyone needs to be on the same page for the relationship to operate smoothly,” Mr. Kucharski said.