The growing market for organic snacks prompted TH Foods to create new snack components. 

In response to consumer demand for more organic snacking options, TH Foods, Inc., has developed four organic sticks and chips that can be used in snack mixes. The range includes wide and narrow Organic Sesame Sticks made with toasted sesame, Organic Salted Corn Chips with Flax, and Organic Honey Roast Sesame Sticks.

According to the Organic Trade Association, more than 82% of U.S. households buy organic. These flavors and shapes will appeal to the growing number of consumers who want their snacks to be available in a variety of flavors and made with high-quality organic ingredients, TH Foods noted.

“The corn chips, sesame sticks and honey sesame sticks all provide great options to give consumers the taste and variety they crave in an organic market,” said Kim Holman, marketing director, TH Foods. “Innovative, organic snack creations from TH Foods are based on our in-depth knowledge of industry trends and the ability to manufacture tasty free-from options while delivering the variety of flavors and shapes consumers demand.”