What’s one of the baking industry’s hottest products? No not cupcakes, but croissants, of all things. Yes, at a time when consumers talk about health and wellness, croissant manufacturers report that sales of this indulgent product — long forgotten in the mainstream press — continue to be robust in the food service and in-store bakery/deli channels. And equipment suppliers report that bakeries continue to invest production.

Canadian bakery, La Petite Bretonne, for example, recently paid $13 million to boost its chocolate croissant production capabilities. Cafe Valley, Gold Standard Baking, Galaxy Desserts and Skinner Baking also are investing in croissant production.

In her July report, Mari Rydings, Baking & Snack’s contributing editor, noted that mini — or micro — croissants are gaining in popularity as consumers continue looking for satisfying snacks they can munch on as they go about their day. The micro-croissant trend, which started in Europe, is now making its way across the ocean. In addition to smaller sizes, today’s croissants follow another popular food trend — adventurous flavors and fillings, such as gourmet gouda cheese, according to Ron Cardey, chief executive officer, BelPastry.

To discover the real trends, don’t look to the Internet or the food bloggers. Follow where the money is going and where bakers are investing in today’s market.