With the ringing in of the new year, many consumers will once again pledge to eat better, exercise more and lose weight. Although most well-intentioned resolutions fall by the wayside by the time the Super Bowl comes around, it’s fair to assume that clean label products will remain one of the dominant trends affecting the industry in 2014.

According to recent studies, more than one-third of consumers seek out products that are organic or positioned as all-natural, even though the Food & Drug Administration has not defined what is “natural.” And, according to the Organic Trade Association’s U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes & Beliefs 2013 tracking study, 81% of U.S. families buy organic products at least some of the time, and of those families, 40% have begun buying organic in the past two years.

Admittedly, most organic products are found in the meat, produce and dairy departments, but bakers can still discover a way to differentiate their brands and improve their bottom lines by positioning new products as authentic, simple, local, clean and wholesome.

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