The Nutrition Facts Panel that serves to inform consumers of the food they’re about to eat may be getting a makeover, but it could be a long time coming. A health claim expert at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who spoke to Baking & Snack under the condition of anonymity said the agency is working on a proposal to change the Nutrition Facts Panel based on recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board’s evaluation of recommended intake levels for all nutrients.

The current recommended dietary allowances date from 1968, and many experts agree that it’s time for change.

“Changing the reference amounts customarily consumed (RACCs) to better reflect what people are actually eating, which are larger serving sizes than what you see on the packages, might give consumers a clearer picture of the calories and other nutrients they are actually consuming,” said Lee Sanders, senior vice-president, government relations and public affairs, American Bakers Association.

According to the FDA health claim expert, dietary reference intake is on the table for consideration among other things. However, the proposal is still being formed, and there is no word on when it will be available for public comment.