When Ozery Bakery, Inc., Toronto, ON, surveyed the breakfast landscape, it didn’t see a lot of innovation. The new healthier products popping up in freezer aisles weren’t creative enough for the company, so the bakery decided to apply its highly original approach to product innovation to the breakfast freezer aisle.

“When we develop new products, we look around for ideas and mish-mash them together, and see what happens,” said Alon Ozery, co-owner of Ozery Bakery with his brother Guy Ozery. “We’re looking for solutions for breakfast: something that’s tasty, nutritional and satisfying, so that when you eat it, you’ll be happy about eating it, and it won’t feel dry and bland.”

The company already made a pre-sliced thin bun and decided to meld that concept with breakfast to create Ozery Morning Rounds. A Muesli variety came first and was soon followed by Apple Cinnamon and Cranberry Orange flavors. The company recommends the product be stored in the freezer because it contains no preservatives and is chemical-free.

Morning Rounds not only meet consumer desires for healthy options but also provide convenience and portability. From freezer to toaster to plate in less than 5 minutes, the rounds can be eaten on the go and with or without a spread, according to Mr. Ozery.

“I see Morning Rounds increasing the breakfast bread pie,” he said. “There is a need for a tasty and healthier option as a breakfast bread.” The company plans on adding another flavor to the product line.