American consumers have discovered pretzel breads, long a staple in Germany. Until a year or two ago, such items in the US only took the form of hard-baked snacks or large soft pretzels. But as German bakers have done for years, American bakers are now adapting the caustic-dip pretzel process to create rolls, buns and loaves, taking pretzels beyond the snack realm.

Farm to Market Bread Co., Kansas City, MO, added pretzel breads to its roster during the past year, and Lindsay Borum, director of sales, predicted these items could be the newest, latest craze.

James Rath, vice-president, sales, Tom Cat Bakery, Long Island City, NY, pegged pretzel breads’ popularity to the fact they bring something different to the table. “It’s a great addition and flavor profile with a lot of different varieties of breads,” he said.