BURGDORF, SWITZERLAND — Two words of the existing brand Rondo Doge are merging to create the RONDO brand, the result of a strategy and branding process at the Swiss-Italian manufacturer of bakery machines and systems. Dough sheets play the leading role.

The new brand also will manifest itself in the new names of individual companies worldwide. The Rondo Doge Group becomes the RONDO Group. All companies in the RONDO Group will have RONDO as their company name. The headquarters of the RONDO Group, which has used the traditional name of Seewer AG, has been renamed Rondo Burgdorf AG.

RONDO began a process to redefine its strategy and brand in 2007.

"The special challenge was to develop new international positioning that fits in with the segment ‘sheeting and shaping dough,’" said Robert Rohrer, chief executive officer of the RONDO Group. "With the new brand we have managed to create an unmistakable international identity that perfectly embodies our values."

RONDO is the fusion of ROndo aNd DOge. RONDO stands for the company’s Italian culture, the Italianita, and the company’s Swiss culture, the Swissness, for the combination of Swiss precision with Italian creativity.

"Improving the dough process together with the customer, enhancing the benefits — that’s our great passion," said Claude Jutzeler, manager of Rondo Schio. "RONDO therefore stands for maximum performance in sheeting and shaping dough, from artisanal bakeries all the way to shaping industrial production."

The company’s new slogan "Dough-how & more" is derived from the strategic alignment of RONDO, which created dough-how from the words dough and know-how. The "& more" part of the slogan refers to the challenge of doing more for the customers, such as providing more benefits through more services and customer care, creating more security through more reliability and using a proactive approach to ensure greater efficiency.

The first phase of the campaign will begin in May. The name change and redesign of the old Rondo Dodge logo to create the new RONDO logo will be covered on the Internet at www.rondo-online.com and in print media. The new brand communication will be presented at the iba International Trade Fair in October.