LA CROSSE, WIS. — Klinge Foods Ltd. has named Main Street Ingredients as the industrial representative and distributor of Klinge Foods’ LoSalt to food manufacturers in North America. LoSalt contains one-third the sodium of regular table salt, sea salts and rock salts, and it is also high in natural potassium.

LoSalt owns an 82% market share in the United Kingdom’s reduced sodium retail market, said Mike Lloyd, sales and business development manager for Klinge Foods, East Kilbride, Scotland.

Guy Bouthillier, director of business development for Main Street Ingredients, La Crosse, said, “As partners to food processors, we are well aware of their customer’s concerns in regards to health issues of salt. Main Street Ingredients is pleased to offer the technical assistance to help food developers optimize their lower sodium products. LoSalt is a great ingredient to address these concerns.”