FRESNO, CALIF. — Sunnyland Mills, a maker of whole grain bulgur wheat, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Founded in 1935 by brothers George and Jivon Perch, Sunnyland was purchased in 1976 by two more brothers, Carl and John Orlando. In 1995, the third set of brothers, Mike and Steve Orlando, purchased the company.

Sunnyland Mills began as the Sunnyland Bulghur Co. with whole white wheat cooked in large iron pots over an open flame and then dried in the hot summer sun. Today, Sunnyland said it uses the sun to produce 40% of its electrical needs from a own solar “farm” on its property.

“The lessons we learned from the two prior ownerships are simple and still valid today: Put out a top quality product, treat our employees as equals and be thankful for loyalty and friendships in our customers,” said Steve Orlando, president of Sunnyland Mills.

Mike Orlando, chairman, added, “Bulgur wheat is one of the oldest whole grain products known to man. People are recognizing its importance and nutritional value in breads, side dishes and center of the plate entrees. We are blessed as a family and are successful because of the hard work of those who came before us.”

Sunnyland Mills produces whole grain bulgur wheat in five different grinds and whole kernel bulgur. Pearled products include pearled white wheat, pearled durum wheat — Grano and pearled organic white wheat. Sunnyland’s certified organic bulgur is the only organic bulgur produced in North America.