JACKSON, MICH. — Dawn Food Products Inc. on April 7 said it will close its Crown Point, Ind., bakery later this summer. The bakery, which employs 160, makes sweet rolls, coffee cakes, donuts, cakes, eclairs, muffins and croissants.

Dawn said the closing is part of the company’s larger plan to improve manufacturing efficiencies, better align resources to meet customer demands, optimize and reduce shipping costs, and eliminate redundancies. The company will expand operations at other Dawn locations.

The bakery is expected to close in phases over the next five months, with complete shutdown by the end of August.

“We are committed to providing the support and information that will help our Crown Point team members move forward and find new opportunities," said Partha Kundu, senior vice-president of operations for U.S. Bakery Products. “We are thankful for the continued efforts from our teams to offer the excellent products and services that people have come to expect from Dawn.”

Dawn Foods opened the plant in February 1990.