HARLINGEN, TEXAS — Pittman & Davis, a division of Southern Fulfillment Services, has completed the acquisition of Eilenberger Bakery, Palestine, Texas. Founded in 1898, Eilenberger is known for its Texas Pecan Cake and other baked gourmet gifts for all occasions, including fruitcake, fruit cake assortments, gourmet brownies, butter rum cake, orange cake and pecan pie.

“Eilenberger Bakery is as much a daily part of Texas life as Friday night football,” said Sarah Pryor, general manager of Eilenberger Bakery. “We look forward to sharing the wonderful traditions and recipes of this destination bakery far beyond the Texas borders.”

Southern Fulfillment Services is a privately-owned Florida-based fulfillment and logistics company. The company currently owns multiple catalog brands related to citrus and gourmet food categories.