HORSHAM, PA. — Kathy Strahs, author of the blog Panini Happy, was voted the winner of the “Official Sandwich” for National Sandwich Day for her cheddar bacon Panini with caramelized-apple onion chutney. The contest, which was sponsored by Bimbo Bakeries USA, enlisted four top bloggers to create their favorite recipes for the Arnold and Oroweat National Sandwich Day Challenge.

Ms. Strahs described her sandwich as a bold, “grown-up version of a grilled cheese sandwich.” The Panini is served on Oroweat New York Style Extra Sour Rye.

The other three recipes that were submitted included:

  • Little Bites of Heaven was submitted by Tina Haupert, the blogger behind Carrots ‘N Cake. Ms. Haupert described the product as “fun size candy bar” sandwiches. The Paninis are made with marshmallow fluff and chocolate-hazelnut spread on Arnold or Oroweat Health-full Hearty Wheat bread, with shredded coconut and crumbled graham cracker in the middle.
  • Open-Faced Fruit and Egg Brunch-wich was created by Jenn Walters, one of the co-founders of Fit Bottomed Girls. The sandwich features fig butter on a slice of toasted Arnold or Oroweat Health-full Nutty Grain bread, topped with spinach, brie and a poached egg.
  • Lolita Carrico of My Gloss submitted turkey, brie and hot pepper jelly sandwich with arugula. The sandwich features Arnold or Oroweat Country Whole-Grain White Bread with thinly sliced turkey breast, creamy brie, arugula and a touch of hot pepper jelly inspired by Ms. Carrico’s East Indian background.

 For photos and full recipes, visit the Arnold and Oroweat Facebook page: www.facebook.com/arnoldandoroweatbread.