ATLANTA — Scott J. Montgomery has been named director of the Flour Fortification Initiative (F.F.I.), a network of partners working to make the addition of vitamins and minerals to flour standard milling practice worldwide.
Mr. Montgomery has more than 30 years of cereal grain industry experience, and previously he worked with the F.F.I. Executive Management Team. Prior to serving the F.F.I. as an industry liaison in 2010, Mr. Montgomery was with Cargill for 30 years, most recently as vice-president and global procurement leader. He earlier had global operations responsibility for Cargill’s wheat and corn milling operations and ultimately citrus operations in every region of the world.

He joined the F.F.I. Executive Management Team as a Cargill representative in 2004 and was chairman from 2006-2010. The F.F.I. Executive Management Team includes representatives from multiple-sector partners who provide strategic direction to the F.F.I. Among his new duties at the F.F.I., Mr. Montgomery will have responsibility for fund-raising efforts.

“Scott has demonstrated his leadership skills, his ability to plan strategically, and his passion for improving people’s health by fortifying flour,” said Greg Harvey, chief executive officer of Interflour Group, one of Southeast Asia’s largest flour milling companies, and chairman of the F.F.I. Executive Management Team. “We look forward to strengthening our network of partners under his direction.”

Mr. Montgomery received a bachelor’s degree in milling science and management from Kansas State University in 1980.