FRANKLIN, WIS. — Baptista’s Bakery, Inc. announced plans to add approximately 120,000 square feet of space and 200 additional full-time jobs at its existing 135,000-square-foot baking facility in Franklin. The project, which must be approved by the Community Development Authority of the City of Franklin, is set to break ground in October with construction scheduled for completion in the spring of 2012.

“We’re very pleased to be in a position of expanding our business in the community of Franklin, and the great state of Wisconsin, both of whom my family has been committed to helping grow,” said Nan Gardetto, owner and chief executive officer of Baptista’s. “We believe the continued expansion of our business reflects a renewed focus on quality and healthy eating in today’s health-conscious society, and we expect that trend to continue.”

Baptista’s Bakery was established following the sale of Gardetto’s Bakery to General Mills, Inc. in 1999.

Gardetto’s operated two facilities at the time of the sale, one in Milwaukee and one in Franklin. The Gardetto family retained the Franklin facility and used it to establish Baptista’s. Baptista’s manufactures sheeted and extruded snack products. The products are baked, low in oil, salty or sweet snacks made primarily from potatoes, corn or wheat.