TORONTO — SunOpta Ingredients Group has expanded its ingredients’ portfolio to include rice fiber and cellulose fiber as well as a starch designed for use in yogurt and other dairy foods. The company featured the ingredients during the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition June 26-28 in Las Vegas.

SunOpta rice fiber 310 is more than 90% dietary fiber and has a smooth texture and bland flavor, according to the company. Potential applications include cereal, snacks, nutrition bars, bread, baking mixes and nutraceutical products.

“As we continually seek to expand the company’s fiber solutions, rice fiber provides a gluten-free, all-natural option for enriching foods that need a boost in fiber content,” said Scott Gordon, president of SunOpta Ingredients Group. “We are excited to be first to market with this high fiber ingredient and believe SunOpta Rice Fiber 310 will provide interesting options for the fast growing gluten-free category.”

SunOpta cellulose fiber 310 may be used to retain moisture in food applications, including meat systems, which helps to optimize yield and control cost. SunOpta developed cellulose fiber 310 at its operations in Louisville, Ky.

OptaGrade 350, which is made from high-amylose corn starch, provides stabilization in a variety of dairy foods, including Greek-style yogurt. It provides thick, creamy texture and may allow formulators to develop products with clean/simple labels, according to SunOpta Ingredients Group.