MONTREAL — Marking its second acquisition in as many months, Lallemand Inc. has acquired GB Ingredients Ltd. from Cie des Levures Lesaffre.

The transaction, which closed July 16, gives Lallemand the GBI business in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a production facility in Felixstowe, roughly 85 miles northeast of London on the eastern coast of England.

The plant is the largest of only two bakers’ yeast plants operating in the U.K. The facility produces bakers’ and distillers’ fresh cream and compressed yeast as well as instant dry yeast for the European and world markets.

The transaction followed a similar one a month earlier in which Lallemand acquired the GBI business in Spain and Portugal. With the acquisitions, Lallemand has as significant a presence in Europe as in North America, the company said.

"Combined with its leading positions in southern Africa and in specialty yeast markets, these recent acquisitions underline Lallemand’s commitment to investing in the ongoing development of world yeast markets," the company said. Lallemand has 2,000 employees in more than 30 countries, and operates U.S. plants in Memphis, Tenn., and Baltimore, as well as a facility in Montreal where the company is headquartered.