BURLINGTON, IOWA — Baker’s Pride, Inc., a commercial bakery and maker of private label and proprietary brand bread and cake style donut products, has expanded its line with the launch of gluten-free cookies, muffins, brownies and cookies. The South Street Bakery, Inc., a new division of Baker’s Pride, will bake the new products in Clear Lakes, Iowa.

“Millions of people nationwide actively seek out foods with ‘better-for-you’ ingredients to not only meet dietary requirements, but to simply put better foods into their bodies,” said Ron Danko Sr., chief executive officer of Baker’s Pride, Inc. and former vice-president of bakery at Wegmans Supermarkets. “We believe that consumers are driving this fundamental shift within the food industry. Innovative stores recognize that providing affordable, great tasting more healthful product options to their customers is crucial in today’s marketplace.”

Baker’s Pride said the expansion is the result of a lease agreement to operate Clear Lakes Specialty Products’ baking equipment. The agreement will allow South Street Bakery to make a range of healthier cookie and brownie products. In addition to South Street Bakery, other divisions in Baker’s Pride include Jefferson Street Bakery, Inc. and the Mt. Pleasant Street Bakery, Inc.

Baker’s Pride is part of New York-based Amincor, Inc., an investment company whose holdings include Tulare Frozen Foods, L.L.C.