RICHMOND, B.C. — Nature’s Path has introduced Heritage Crunch cereal, a blend of ancient grain flakes and crispy clusters of granola. The cereal, which is an extension in Nature’s Path Heritage line, also is the first product to feature the company’s new packaging design and updated logo.

“We worked with a renowned packaging research firm to make sure the new look would appeal to our consumers,” said Arjan Stephens, executive vice-president of sales and marketing. “Based on their research, they rated it ‘tier one,’ which means it is projected to perform in the top 20% of all packaging designs. We are thrilled, but not surprised. The new design approach is an adaptation of our highly successful granola bar packaging redesign of 2010, which saw a sales lift as high as 132%.”

Nature’s Path said its earlier design was “inconsistent” and made the company’s cereal “look more like an assortment of smaller sub-brands than the breakfast leader that they are.” The company said it believes the new design “seizes the opportunity for brand unity with a consistent new look that will be rolled out across all 128 products, offering better brand blocking, `findability’ on shelf, and cross category trial.”

Nutritional information also is listed and highlighted on the cereal packaging. In the case of Heritage Crunch, the information includes 30 grams of whole grains, 6 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of protein.