Clarkson Soy Products, L.L.C., Cerro Gordo, Ill., has introduced a standardized fluid organic canola lecithin and a canola lecithin dry blend. Both ingredients were made specifically for applications requiring lecithin where soy allergens may be of concern.

Lecithin is used as an emulsifier, release agent or a wetting/dispersing agent in a variety of products, ranging from chocolate, baby foods and snack bars to vegetable release sprays, personal care products and supplements.

The standardized fluid organic canola lecithin has the same functionality as Clarkson Soy’s standardized fluid organic soy lecithin.

"Hexane is typically used to produce conventional lecithins," said Curtis Bennett, vice-president of Cerro Gordo-based Clarkson Soy, a subsidiary of Clarkson Grain Co., Inc. "Our organic lecithin family does not use hexane but rather a physical process to produce the lecithins."

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