COLUMBIA, MD. — A license agreement will allow Martek Biosciences Corp. to create docosahexaenoic (DHA) powders for certain food applications through patented microencapsulation technology developed by General Mills, Inc. Martek derives its life’sDHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, from microalgae.

Martek Biosciences was granted a perpetual and generally exclusive license, with respect to third parties, to the General Mills technology for use with DHA and other polyunsaturated fatty acids. General Mills retains the right to this technology for its own use and exclusively for all uses within some of its core business.

The microencapsulation technology particularly will target DHA for use in long shelf life products and applications with sensory and formulation challenges. DHA serves as a building block for the brain and the eyes and supports brain, eye and cardiovascular health, according to Martek Biosciences.

Martek Biosciences, based in Columbia, and Minneapolis-based General Mills in June of 2006 signed a 15-year DHA license and supply agreement. It says General Mills may develop certain food products containing Martek DHA and must purchase, subject to certain exceptions, substantially all of its DHA needs from Martek for the products in the United States and other designated territories.