MELVILLE, N.Y. — Comax Flavors has used its proprietary development technology to launch a new sweetness enhancer. A combination of several ingredients, the sweetness enhancer stimulates a variety of taste receptor sites simultaneously.

The sweetness enhancer is free of any color, aroma or aftertaste, according to Comax Flavors. It offers a way to add sweetness at half the calories of sugar while at the same time improving mouthfeel and lowering the Brix level. The sweetness enhancer is available in liquid and dry forms and may be used in a variety of food and beverage categories, ranging from dairy to bakery to savory.

“Our technological expertise includes a deep understanding of the impact of emerging technologies on the many development and processing issues that currently challenge food and beverage manufacturers,” said Catherime M. Armstrong, vice-president of corporate communications at Melville-based Comax Flavors.