COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Danisco has signed an agreement to market pine-derived phytosterols produced by Arboris L.L.C. with a market launch scheduled for May. Arboris has plants in Savannah, Ga., and Newark, Ohio. Copenhagen-based Danisco will brand and market free phytosterols and esterified phytosterols. More than 200 human intervention studies have focused on the cardiovascular health benefits of phytosterols, according to Danisco.

“While markets in Europe and, to some extent, the U.S. have seen good penetration, many parts of Asia, eastern Europe and South America have yet to experience a broader adoption of phytosterols,” said Patrick Veau, vice-president of Health & Nutrition for Danisco. “Danisco’s global presence and strong application know-how, combined with Arboris’ ability to supply high-quality products, will ensure that no country needs to miss out on one of the most effective functional food ingredients to lower cholesterol.”